TRIAL SEARCH (Research Service).
The TRIALS DIGEST PUBLISHING INC. phone-in research service, trade named TRIAL SEARCH offers valuable information supplied by litigators throughout California on the details and outcomes of California Superior Court and U.S. District Court civil trials. Each trial report located in a search contains comprehensive data on the type of case, amount and nature of the verdict or judgment rendered, the presiding judge, attorneys, expert witnesses, the facts of the case, description of the damages and/or injuries claimed by the plaintiff, pre-trial settlement demands and offers by the opposing sides, case commentary, jury deliberation, and venue. The following represent a few typical examples of the many valuable applications of TRIAL SEARCH.
  1. Find comparable cases and injuries to place dollar values on pending civil cases. Empirically based values can then be used to negotiate more favorable settlements, moderate expectations of clients, and to perform cost/benefit analysis for claims and litigation management decisions.
  2. Investigate the backgrounds of expert witnesses who you might wish to retain for your case or to investigate the background of, and develop impeachment material on, those expert witnesses who are scheduled to testify against you.
  3. Examine the trial history of judges or attorneys to decide when to dismiss a particular judge or develop valuable tactical information in advance of your court appearance. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your opposing counsel.
  4. Save time in discovery by identifying cases with similar injuries, damages claims, product liability issues, or other significant issues of importance in order to access court files or to consult with experts or attorneys in those cases.
  5. Prepare for your next expert deposition or cross-examination by reviewing prior testimony of expert witnesses from our library of 32,000 deposition transcripts.
TRIAL SEARCH Pricing: The cost of a search is $95.00 plus $3.00 per trial report. TRIALS DIGEST subscribers receive $20 discounts per search request. Selected attorney associations receive $10 discounts. Expert witness deposition transcripts under 200 pages cost $95.
TRIALS DIGEST (Weekly Journal).
The company's publication, TRIALS DIGEST, is published weekly and its editorial focus is the reporting of civil trial data throughout California on a case-by-case basis. The primary target market for the publication is California litigation attorneys. Secondary markets include insurance company claims professionals, the judiciary, and corporate risk managers. The trial data presented in TRIALS DIGEST helps readers monitor trial results and trends on a current awareness basis. Additionally, subscribers can use the monthly journals to conduct research to support settlement negotiations, and find background information on expert witnesses, judges, and attorneys.
  • Features: Published weekly; Six-way index in every issue; Saddle-stitched; Statewide coverage.
  • Subscription Prices: Large Firms $295; Small Firms (five or fewer attorneys) $245; Annual Index $100.
New subscribers receive one free TRIAL SEARCH plus 1/2 off one deposition transcript.


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