Judge/ DistrictCase Number & TitleType of CaseSettlement Demand & OfferVerdict /DateTrial/ Deliberation TimePlaintiff's AttorneyDefendant's Attorney

Jefferson County

Brooke Jackson 02-CV-2867 Wiederecht v Meyers Premises Liability - fall from partially finished attic. Minor plaintiff was babysitting at defendants' home when she went into a partially finished attic with defendants' 7-year old daughter. Plaintiff, 13, stepped off the floor into an area where there was no floor, and fell 18 feet through the ceiling onto a hard surface. She sustained back and foot fractures. The defendants denied the attic was dangerous and asserted the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury. DEMAND: $180,000
For Defendants on Nov. 12, 2003   Mark Simon Christopher Witte (Hanson & Associates)

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