The Florida Jury Verdict Reporter (FJVR), is a monthly publication that reports verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases from circuit courts in the State of Florida. Published since 1981, the FJVR provides detailed case reports, featuring factual summaries and injury descriptions; expert witnesses, attorneys, and judges; verdict, judgment and settlement information; and much more. In addition, all cases are indexed by subject matter, injury, expert witness, judge, insurance company, and attorneys. The FJVR is available on both LEXIS and WESTLAW. The annual subscription price is $370 (plus sales tax). The FJVR also provides a data retrieval service known as FLORIDA CASE SEARCH. Upon request, FJVR research staff will search more than 20,000 personal injury case reports in the FJVR database for information on verdicts, settlements, injuries, case types, legal theories, experts, etc. A portfolio of relevant case reports is mailed (or faxed) within 48 hours of the request. The service is economical and there is no charge if relevant case reports are not found.


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