Established in 1984, Verdict Reporter Inc. provides attorneys with reports of all civil jury trials in metropolitan St. Louis (including southern Illinois). Similarly, the monthly Missouri Civil Reports newsletter (which began publication in the fourth quarter of 1996) provides civil jury trial and settlement summaries for Missouri venues outside the St. Louis metropolitan area. The purpose of our publications is to provide objective, unbiased reporting of facts supplied by both sides. No attempt is made to editorialize, and each version of the facts is specifically ascribed to the attorney who supplied that information. Our case summaries include the following: 1. jurisdiction, court, style, cause number; 2. names, addresses, and firm names of trial attorneys; 3. a brief description of the alleged injuries and damages; 4. names, locations, and specialties of experts whose testimony was used; 5. the demand and offer figures; and 6. the date and description of the verdict as well as post-trial motions. In addition to reporting civil jury trials, our publications also include summaries of settlements, judgments, and arbitrated and mediated cases. For more information, please call 314-962-7500.


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