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VerdictSearch New York Reporter:
Subscription rates range from an introductory rate of $195 a year to $425 a year for renewals. For more information call 800-832-1900. Civil jury verdicts and settlements throughout New York State, including NYS Court of Claims decisions. Each thoroughly researched case write-up includes clear, detailed summaries of the facts, both liability and damages. Cases are indexed by: Injury, Type of Case, Attorney, Defendants, Expert Witnesses, Judges, and Insurance Companies.
New York Judicial Review of Damages:
The Appellate companion to VerdictSearch New York Reporter. Offered monthly, the New York Judicial Review of Damages reveals what appellate courts do with jury awards and answers such questions as "What's the sustainable value of a below-the-knee amputation in the Second Department?" Also helps attorneys place a value on negligence cases by giving important missing details found nowhere else. We cover damages decisions from: The NYS Court of Appeals, All NYS Appellate Divisions, Second Circuit Federal Appellate Court, Federal District and Circuit Courts around the nation, and NYS Trial Courts.
New York Tort Citator:
Published annually. Begun in 1999, the New York Tort citator gives you quick access to the substantive law of New York tort law, including negligence and intentional torts. The tabbed chapters include right column key word listings, left column summaries, quick indexes for each chapter, and a complete index. Using the "grab-for-the-tab" system, it enables you to conduct your research with speed and pinpoint accuracy.
New York Civil Motion Citator:
Published annually. A thorough analysis of the most recent decisions in civil practice. Speeds up motions with concise, easy-to-find research data. Tabbed chapters include: Amendment to Pleadings, Bill of Particulars, Consolidation & Severance, Default Judgment, Deposition, Discovery & Inspection, Dismissal, Interrogatories, Physical Examination, Place of Trial, Service of Process, and Summary Judgment Procedure.
The New York Matrimonial Citator:
Published annually. An invaluable aid for writing matrimonial motions and appeals. Tabbed chapters include: Pre-Trial Considerations, Dissolution of Marriage, Disposition of Property, Support & Maintenance, Custody & Visitation, Counsel & Appraisal Fees, Defaults & Vacatur, Agreements & Stipulations, and Modification & Enforcement.
The New York Criminal Case Citator:
Published annually. Effective support for motions, briefs, appeals, and memoranda. Tabbed chapters include: Search, Arrest, Statement, Identification, Grand Jury Accusatory Instruments, Discovery, Speedy Trial, Right to Counsel, Fair Trial, Jury Instructions, Verdict Plea, and Sentencing. Also includes a Rapid Index!

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