Each issue contains case summaries across Texas, as well as highlights of interesting cases from around the country. We give you specifics--judges, attorneys, case style and number, injuries, expert witnesses, and more! We also report any civil settlements or other county jury trials upon request from our subscribers. An annual subscription to the TEXAS REPORTER is only $480. Don't miss this extremely valuable addition to your library!
Also provided by the TEXAS REPORTER is a civil verdict and settlement research service, encompassing approximately 20,000 (and growing!) cases of comprehensive data. Our staff can provide you with timely and accurate information for case evaluation and settlement negotiation. Expert witnesses, doctors, particular geographic areas, judges, lawyers, types of cases (including medical malpractice, wrongful death, breach of contract, product liability), and much more information is available to our customers upon request. For more information on this exceptional service, just give us a call at 210-496-1750.


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