Twelve monthly, outlining all judgments in personal injury and related actions filed in the State Circuit Courts and the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii. The case summaries are reported on special formats that make it easy for readers to locate pertinent information. PIJH also includes summaries of all Court Annexed Arbitration Cases (personal injury) where awards are filed as (final) judgments.
Published twice a year. There are nine indexes; by injury, case title, attorney, tort/subject, CAAP arbitrator, expert (alphabetically), expert (by expertise), judge, and points of law.
Scope of reported cases:
Includes, but is not limited to: negligence, premises liability, product liability, strict liability, false arrest/false imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress, animal owner's liability, innkeeper's liability, wrongful termination, constructive discharge, civil rights, discrimination (sex, age, etc.), malicious prosecution, malpractice (dental, medical, legal, etc.), wrongful death (and birth), wave action, golf carts, slip and fall, government and municipal liability, Federal Tort Claims Act.
$540 annually; includes D-ring binder, twelve issues and index. Note: each binder (Volume) contains two years of judgments. Current volume is VI (1995-1996 editions). Back issues are available from 1985 forward.
David J. Dezzani, Esq. (Goodsill Anderson & Quinn--Honolulu); Teresa S. Tico, Esq.; Kenneth Sabath, Esq. (additional references available on request).


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