Judge/ DistrictCase Number & TitleType of CaseSettlement Demand & OfferVerdict /DateTrial/ Deliberation TimePlaintiff's AttorneyDefendant's Attorney

Cuyahoga County

James J. Sweeney CV292872 Carol Love v Davidson Manufacturing Corp., and DIY Home Warehouse Inc. Products Liability - Plaintiff claims ladder manufactured by Davidson broke due to use of defective wood in the leg, causing her to fall. Defense contended that plaintiff simply fell off the ladder, and argued that the accident could not have occurred as plaintiff claimed. DEMAND: $350,000
$600,000 v Davidson Mfg. only after DIY Home Warehouse was directed out. on Feb. 3, 1998 1 day jury deliberation Daniel L. Lovinger, Steven W. Albert, and David W. Neel Robert T. Coniam and David G. Davies
Nancy A. Fuerst CV3370221311 William Suarez M.D. v David Jacobs M.D., Bayless-Pathmark Inc., and Leon Brown M.D. Medical Malpractice - After a CT scan revealed a right lung nodule, plaintiff underwent a thoracotomy to remove the lesion. He was subsequently diagnosed with tuberculosis. Plaintiff alleged that defendants should have been able to diagnose TB without surgery, which resulted in right-side muscle damage. DEMAND: $210,000
Defense Verdict on July 15, 1998 4 hours jury deliberation Walter J. McNamara III and Eugene A. Lucci Murray K. Lenson, Marc W. Groedel, and Susan Secrist

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