Judge/ DistrictCase Number & TitleType of CaseSettlement Demand & OfferVerdict /DateTrial/ Deliberation TimePlaintiff's AttorneyDefendant's Attorney

New Haven Judicial District, CT

Patty Jenkins Pittman CV96-0393615 Henry A. Janssen v Jeffrey B. Smith Pedestrian - Plaintiff, age 90, was struck by defendant's vehicle while crossing Branford Road. Defendant denied negligence, and insisted he had insufficient time to avoid plaintiff because of the layout of the roadway. DEMAND: $39,000
Defense Verdict on Aug. 29, 2000 1.5 hours jury deliberations Sheldon A. Messinger and Jack D. Barnston Jeffrey F. Lahr

Norfolk County, MA

Mitchell J. Sikora Jr. 95-1257 David Mannke v Julian C. Huang M.D. Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff claims that defendant negligently failed to test for Lyme disease, thereby allowing the disease to progress. Defense argued that the symptomatology did not suggest Lyme disease, and maintained that the standard of care had been met. DEMAND: None
Defense Verdict on Oct. 11, 2000 2.25 hours jury deliberations Frank J. Riccio Peter C. Knight

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