Judge/ DistrictCase Number & TitleType of CaseSettlement Demand & OfferVerdict /DateTrial/ Deliberation TimePlaintiff's AttorneyDefendant's Attorney

U.S. District Court - Indiana

J. Radovich (Federal-Hammond) 98CV 161 Sidey V. USF Holland Personal Injury - Sidey sustained a closed head injury when his Hyundai automobile was rear-ended by a USF Holland tractor-trailer. Defense admitted liability, but contested the extent of Sidey's injuries and damages.   $3,200,000 on Nov. 15, 1999   Jon Schmoll (Merrillville) and Jay Charon (Indianapolis), both of Spangler, Jennings Lawrence Smith of O'Hagan, Smith (Chicago); Timothy Reed and Perry Rocco of Menges, Mikus (Chicago)

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