Judge/ DistrictCase Number & TitleType of CaseSettlement Demand & OfferVerdict /DateTrial/ Deliberation TimePlaintiff's AttorneyDefendant's Attorney

Hennepin County, MN

John J. Sommerville 97-1933 Rachelle West v Andrea Jo and Timothy Wheeler Personal Injury - Plaintiff alleged that deft ran a red light, causing a collision. Plaintiff cites neck, back and jaw injuries. Defendant admitted liability. DEMAND: $135,000
OFFER: $35,000
$45,000 on Apr. 29, 1998   Michael Zimmer John Hughes

Ramsey County, MN

Roland J. Faricy #C5-97-2721 Oscar Quast v Bethesda University Family Practice Clinic, St. Joseph's Hospital, and Americo Fraboni, M.D. Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff developed iron poisoning plus severe pancreatitis (surgery required) after receiving 22 iron infusion treatments. Defendants denied negligence and disputed damages. DEMAND: $850,000
OFFER: $400,000
$161,302 v Bethesda; $241,954 v St. Joseph's; Dr. Fraboni not negligent on May 11, 1998   William Majerus and Thomas McCormick David C. Hutchinson for Fraboni; John McBride for St. Joseph's Hospital; Bruce Candlin for Bethesda

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