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The National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers (NASJVP) is an organization of publishers of Jury Verdict Summaries from throughout the United States. These Publishers collect detailed Civil Litigation information directly from the attorneys who tried the cases, then write concise summaries, which are used by attorneys and insurers for case evaluation.

All NASJVP Member Publishers prepare Newsletters which report civil verdicts, but many also provide:

  • Computerized Research
  • Settlement Reporting
  • New Suit Filings
  • Call In Research
  • Research In Other States
  • Statistical Analysis

Each publisher has a listing attached to this page identifying what products and services they provide, plus a sample case summary.

Additionally, you will find attached to this site a Directory of Expert Witnesses, which contains the names, area of expertise and publication in which they were referenced. Locating experts and "Cases Testified" for use in the selection or challenge of an expert has never been easier!

NASJVP Members States Covered
Alabama Civil Trial Reporter AL
Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter AL
Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter IL
East Texas Trial Reports TX
Florida Jury Verdict Reporter FL
Georgia Trial Reporter GA
Greater Kansas City Jury Verdict Service KSMO
Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter IL
Indiana Jury Verdict Reporter IN
Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado CO
Jury Verdicts Northwest Inc. WAIDORAK
Kentucky Trial Court Review KY
Louisiana Trial Verdicts LA
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island Verdict Reporter MACTRI
Medical Malpractice Verdicts, Settlements & Experts CAILNYFL
Metro Verdicts Monthly VAMDDC
Michigan Trial Reporter MI
Ohio Trial Reporter OH
Personal Injury Judgments Hawaii HI
Tennessee Litigation Reporter TN
Texas Reporter TX
Trial Report Service, Inc. TX
Trials Digest CA
Twin City Jury Verdict Reporter MN
Verdict Reporter Inc. MOIL
VerdictSearch California Reporter CA
VerdictSearch New York Reporter NY
VerdictSearch Texas Reporter TX
Wisconsin Jury Verdict WI

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